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Dr. Bogomil Andonov

Dr. Bogomil Andonov


Topic: Endodontic treatment

[Day 2]
10:30 am – 12:00 am
Theme: The challenges of the endodontic treatment in the recent years are pulled through by the contemporary methods, devices and instruments. We are able to solve most of the clinical cases with good and predictable short- and long-term prognosis. Beside all that we still face some difficulties and most of the time spend hours treating our patients with diseases of endodontic origin. On top of that, some of the cases need multi-visit clinical approach with all the predictable and unpredictable possible complications during the interappointment period and after the completion of the treatment. Focusing on some of the shortcomings of the single and multi- visit endodontic approach the clinician will be able to decide the best possible treatment plan.

Personal Information

Dr. Bogi Andonov graduated from the Faculty of Dental medicine in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2008.

He completed his post graduated diploma in Endodontics in 2010.

He is assistant professor in the department of Operative dentistry and Endodontics from 2008 till now.

His main interests are supervising clinical and theoretical exercises and clinical research.

Owner of dental clinic in Plovdiv.

His main endodontics specializations are in Switzerland and Italy.

Dr. Andonov lectured and conducted hands-on courses worldwide